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Art & Design
Get creative with our art & design courses

Art & Design

We have an extensive range of creative art & design courses which include fine art, graphic design, drawing & painting, 2D & 3D design, fashion and much more…

Whether you see yourself as an advertising executive or a product designer, there is no better starting point than an art & design course at Barking & Dagenham College.

As part of your studies you'll use the latest industry-standard equipment, such as a 3D printer and laser cutter, in a hi-tech workshop environment.

The qualifications are nationally recognised with a focus on the practical application of basic skills and knowledge required by designers today.

We currently have 6 courses available.

  1. BTEC Level 1 Introductory Certificate in Art, Design & Media Level 1
  2. Level 2 BTEC Diploma in Art and Design (1 year) Level 2
  3. Level 3 & 4 Diploma in Art & Design: Foundation Studies Level 3
  4. Level 3 BTEC Diploma in 3D Design (2 Years) Level 3
  5. Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Art and Design (2 years) Level 3
  6. Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Graphic Design (2 years) Level 3


Art and design courses equip you with a combination of practical skills mixed with theory. The specific skills differ according to the art and design discipline, but the following transferable skills are common to all subject areas:

  • imagination and creativity
  • critical awareness of self and external factors and the ability to be reflective
  • interpersonal and social skills
  • resourcefulness
  • an appreciation of diversity
  • creative problem-solving
  • teamworking
  • the ability to work independently
  • decision-making
  • oral and written communication
  • visual presentation
  • information and research
  • self-motivation and self-management
  • organisation and planning
  • IT, particularly using creative software



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Your job opportunities

Many employers seek to recruit people who are lateral thinkers and creative problem-solvers, qualities that are natural to artists and designers. Jobs you could do that are related to these courses are;

  • Art therapist
  • Community arts worker
  • Fashion designer
  • Fine artist
  • Graphic designer
  • Illustrator
  • Printmaker
  • Textile designer

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    Open Event: Thursday 19 April 2018

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