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Carpentry & Joinery
Want to be a carpenter? Learn the trade at Barking & Dagenham College

Carpentry & Joinery

If you would like to become a carpenter in the world of construction but don’t yet have the skills, our carpentry & joinery courses will show you the way. 

The practical elements of all our carpentry & joinery courses take place in state of the art workshops so you’ll have the perfect environment to practice your trade.

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We currently have 8 courses available.

  1. Carpentry DIY Level 1
  2. City & Guilds Diploma in Carpentry & Joinery Level 1 Level 1
  3. City & Guilds Extended Certificate in Construction Skills Level 1 (6219) Technical Skills Academy Level 1
  4. Carpentry and Joinery Diploma for those already employed Level 2
  5. City & Guilds Carpentry and Joinery Diploma Level 2 Level 2
  6. Carpentry and Joinery in Construction Diploma for those already employed Level 3
  7. City & Guilds (6219) Extended Certificate in Carpentry (Entry Level) Level E
  8. Entry Level 3 Certificate in Construction Skills Level E

About this industry

The construction sector is vital to the UK’s economy. Skilled, talented and hardworking people will always be in demand.  In the current economic climate it is more essential than ever to gain skills and qualifications so you can improve your future job prospects.
Barking & Dagenham College is a member of:
  • The Institute of Carpenters
  • The Timber Research and Development Association 


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Your job opportunities

From building houses to building film sets, from restoring furniture to fitting out a brand new shop, carpenters and joiners are skilled workers who are an essential part of any construction project.

Your job opportunities include:

  • Construction sites
  • Specialist joinery companies
  • Shop fitting
  • Furniture workshops

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Your personal qualities

Carpenters and joiners build and install structures made of wood or wood substitute.  This career would suit you if:

  • You have good practical skills
  • You are methodical
  • You have good attention to detail so you can follow plans and diagrams
  • You have good number skills for measuring
  • You are a  team player
  • You understand the need for health and safety 



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