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Higher Education Student Charter

This student charter has been developed by the College with input from the Higher Education Student Forum and sets out the key expectations that students can expect from the college and the behaviours the college will expect from its higher education students.

This charter will be reviewed and revised as required on an annual basis and will be located on the HE Campus area along with key related documents.

The College 

Barking & Dagenham College prides itself in being an open college, accessible to all who can benefit from its core business of education.

The college has a higher education strategy which confirms the College’s commitment to widening participation in higher education and offering opportunities for progression to the community that it serves. 

The College aims to offer higher education courses that are of demand led, high quality, delivered by enthusiastic and well qualified staff in industry standard facilities.

The College is committed to fairness and transparency in all its processes and procedures including admissions, fees, funding and having rigorous assessment processes that are valid and reliable.

The college seeks the views of its students through a variety of means and students are actively encouraged to participate in these opportunities which include an induction survey, a on course mid-year survey, course representation at course level team meetings, through module and/or unit reviews and through the HE Student Forum where students can voice both areas where the college can improve its delivery and areas where the college is doing well.

The College Vision

To be A Truly Great College  - Passionate About Success

The College Mission

"Creating positive life chances for people through education and training for work, that leads to economic independence and prosperity."

The College Values

Passion: We are passionate about education & enabling our learners to reach their potential. 

Enterprise, Innovation and Creativity: We foster an entrepreneurial climate which encourages innovation and creativity. 

Respect, Social Justice and Fairness: We believe that every individual should be treated with courtesy and fairness and we respect the rights and beliefs of each other, regardless of gender, marital status, age, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or position within the organisation. 

High Standards and Quality: We have aspirational targets and standards 

Professionalism: We never compromise our standards and values, and care passionately about our learners, our community, our colleagues and our success. 

Friendliness and Commitment: We believe that our staff and learners should work in an environment of friendliness, with a clear sense of purpose to achieve our mission and realise our vision. 

Flexibility, Responsiveness and Ability to Change: We value new ideas and approaches and seek new opportunities and solutions to meeting the needs and demands of our learners, employers and the local community whilst supporting national and regional education and economic strategies. 

Accountability: We are all accountable for ensuring our plan is delivered 

Risk-Taking: We encourage and celebrate creativity and risk-taking, learning from all that we do. 

The College Behaviours

1. Foster excellence and innovation in all that we do

2. Work together to achieve our goals

3. Role model our values to; Deliver results for Learners, Employers & Our People

In partnership 

This student charter has been developed to illustrate the partnership between the College and students.
Students are required to:
1. Actively engage with their course of study and comply with all college and awarding body regulations.
2. Maximise the opportunities for independent learning in preparation for employment or further study.
3. Use the facilities offered by the college with respect and care, ensuring health and safety obligations and regulations are observed at all times.
4. Submit work for assessment within the timescales described by the assignment, ensure applications for mitigation or extenuation are completed fully and submitted on time.
5. Attend all lectures, workshops, tutorials, critiques, industrial speakers, industrial assignments, trips and other teaching sessions on time and well prepared unless they are explicitly stated to be optional.
6. Visibly wear their identity cards at all times whilst at the college
The College will:
1. Provide equality of treatment for all regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership, race, religious belief and non belief, sex and sexual orientation.
2. Provide a safe and secure environment in which you can learn.
3. Provide appropriate facilities and resources to ensure all course learning outcomes can be met.
4. Provide internally verified assignments and tasks that clearly identifies the achievement that be achieved on successful completion of an assignment or task as well as clear aims and objectives for student learning
Reviewed and updated September 2015

Your copy of our Higher Education Student Charter

You can also download a PDF copy of this charter via this link.