Broadway Theatre Barking – new Vision and Aims for consultation purposes


'Broadway Theatre Barking will be at the heart of connecting Barking and Dagenham's cultural and civic fabric, imaginatively maximising the opportunities of a learning theatre* to transform lives, helping meet the current and future needs of the youngest borough** in London'

* A learning theatre is an approach where there is an exceptionally integrated and mutually beneficial relationship with an education provider/s (that is central to everything the theatre does). The model sees learners working closely alongside professional creative practitioners, visibly bridging the boundaries between learning and careers.

** The borough of Barking and Dagenham has the highest proportion of under 16s in London and the UK, representing 27% of the population


To enable learners to lead and participate in a learning theatre that:

- offers an increasingly ambitious range of programming and participatory opportunities, that are accessible and welcoming to all of the borough's diverse residents throughout their lives, encouraging the sharing of traditions and helping drive up levels of cultural engagement

- provides an open and supportive resource supporting artists, groups and production teams in the borough to make cultural activity happen, meeting a hunger for professional development, embracing risk taking through exploration and experimentation in the special way a learning theatre can

- fully and innovatively embrace the opportunities and lifelong learning pathways a multipurpose learning theatre can provide, celebrating the benefits of the relationship with Barking and Dagenham College in the educator approach the Theatre takes, making the most of BDC's pioneering digital curriculum and employer relationships

- fosters a strong and outward facing partnership approach to developing and resourcing its work, closely aligned with the borough's place making agenda and the ways this is realised, with the Theatre developing skills in people that impact on the borough as a whole

Broadway Theatre Barking Stakeholders Advisory Group April 2021

If you have any feedback or questions about the Vision and Aims, please email by Tuesday 11 May 2021.'