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Elaine James updated top banner image Jan 2014

Elaine James

Chief Executive at DABD (UK)

Elaine James MA, talks about her career role as a Governor:

"I have developed a number of key skills, through a range of diverse roles in the Third Sector, private and public sector for the last 15 years.

"Most of my professional career has been centered on developing and supporting teams, and engaging and developing groups traditionally excluded from Education, Employment and Training. The skills which I use most in this role include:

  • Involving members in the decision-making process
  • Providing personal encouragement
  • Recognising and rewarding good staff and student performance
  • Instilling confidence to use their own initiative
  • Inspiring them with a vision for success
  • Encouraging good two-way communication
  • Celebrating success
  • Engendering a culture of continuous improvement

Reasons for joining the Corporation

"I became a member of Barking & Dagenham College Corporation in 1999 to champion improvements in access to learning opportunities and Educational choice for disengaged communities, and to improve the College’s responsiveness to employer needs.

"I seek to continue to contribute to the development of an outstanding local institution that is a community resource, and which provides realistic pathways to economic independence.

Links with the Local Community

  • London Borough of Barking & Dagenham (LBBD) Learners with Learning
    Difficulties and/or Disabilities (LLDD) Funding Strategy
  • Personalisation & Social Enterprise Group
  • Voluntary Sector Forum
  • Links
  • LBBD Partnership Board
  • Network for Black Professionals
  • Third Sector National Learning Alliance
  • Community Interest Company Association (CIC)