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Looked after children

Jodie, our dedicated Opportunities Coach for looked after children

Supporting Young People in Care & Care Leavers

If you have ever been in care, or a care leaver, Barking & Dagenham College recognises the unique challenges you may face and can support you from the time of your application through to the successful completion of your studies.

We understand that coming to college can be a very daunting experience for many young people and we want to make sure that you are supported in a way that meets your specific needs and helps you to succeed on your chosen course.

Our promise to you is that your voice will be heard and you will be able to speak to someone who understands your individual situation and needs.  

Introducing Jodie...

Jodie Dimond-West is our dedicated Opportunity Coach here just for you.

At the college we understand the challenges that face young people in care or preparing to leave care and we are committed to supporting you to overcome any barriers to your learning and to celebrate your achievements and success. 

My role at the college is to be a designated point of contact, for you, your key worker/social worker/carer/advocate, to discuss any support needs you may have. These support needs could be financial, emotional or learning - we can facilitate any meetings that may be required and answer any questions you may have during your time here with us.

Tell us, when you apply

Please inform us when you apply to study at Barking & Dagenham College that you are currently in care, or have been in care, to ensure that you are able to access all of the support on offer.


Any disclosure of your care status will be treated sensitively.  We will not normally share information without your consent.

Contact us

Jodie Dimond-West 


T:  020 3667 0218

Useful documents

Care Leaver Covenant

Looked After Children Leaflet


Other useful contacts


T:  0800 023 2033

Coram Voice

T:  0808 800 5792


T:  0800 1111

Refugee Action

T: 020 7952 1511