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Aged 19 or over? Find out which courses are eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan

Advanced Learner Loans


To qualify for an Advanced Learner Loan you need to be:

- Aged 19 or over at the start of the course

- A resident in the UK for five years prior to the start of the course

- Enrolling on an eligible course at level 3 or above. See all eligible courses below.

Study your Access or Level 3+ course for FREE

If you complete your Access or eligible Level 3+ course and then go on to complete a Higher Education course, your Advanced Learner Loan will be written off. That means your Access or Level 3+ course is completely free.

Loan repayments

If you choose not to go on to complete a Higher Education course then the loan will work in a similar way to the current loan system for university courses. You will only start to repay the loan (plus interest) once you have completed your study or training and are earning over £21,000 a year.

Repayments start in the April, following the completion of your course. 

Your annual repayment amount will be 9% of any income you earn over £21,000. 

Here are some typical repayment examples to help you understand how it works:

  • If you earned £22,000 a year, your monthly repayment would be £7.50
  • If you earned £25,000 a year, your monthly repayments would be £30
  • If you earned £30,000 a year, your monthly repayments would be £67.50


For more information call 020 3667 0050 or email our Student Finance Support

Courses eligible for Advanced Learner Loans at Barking & Dagenham College:



Additional Financial Support

Additional financial support is available for students. Click here to find out more.

Making the right choice for you  - independent financial advice

It’s important you consider your own circumstances and look into all options for paying for your course before choosing to take out a loan.

You can get independent financial advice from the Money Advice Service. 

Helpful information for you to download

Loan information from Student Finance England

Advanced Learner Loan Q&A Factsheet

Step-by-Step Guide to applying for the Loan

In this section

  1. Aged 16-18
    1. Choose a subject
    2. Courses for 16-18 year olds
    3. Sports Academies
      1. Basketball Academy
      2. Football Academy
      3. Rugby Academy
    4. Enrol now!
    5. GCSE Preparation
  2. Adults
    1. Choose a subject
    2. Retrain, get a new job or boost your career prospects
    3. Access course success stories
    4. Online Blended Learning
  3. Higher Education
    1. College policies for Higher Education
    2. Choose a subject
    3. Higher Education courses
    4. Clearing
    5. Higher Education Fees
    6. Higher Education course information
    7. The Symons-Hatton Award
    8. Your undergraduate and postgraduate experience
    9. UCAS Code Lookup List
    10. Quality Assurance
    11. Undergraduate Accommodation
    12. Higher Education Partners
    13. Meet your course leaders - Photography
  4. Apprenticeships
    1. What is an apprenticeship?
    2. Apprenticeship Advice & Support
    3. Higher & Degree Apprenticeships
      1. Leadership & Management Apprenticeships
      2. Human Resource Management Apprenticeships
      3. Project Management Apprenticeships
      4. Teaching Apprenticeships
      5. Accounting Apprenticeships
      6. Digital & IT Apprenticeships
      7. Construction Design Management
      8. Healthcare Assistant Practitioner
    4. Traineeships
    5. Courses
  5. Salons, Restaurants & Spaces for Hire
    1. The Salon & Salon 2
    2. Headjogs Hair Academy & Salon
    3. The Chef's Hat
    4. The Pod Entrepreneurial Zone
    5. Headjogs Hair Bar @ BDC
    6. Spaces to Hire
  6. Employers
    1. Apprenticeships
      1. AutoRaise: Apprenticeships for the Automotive Collision Repair Industry
    2. Apprenticeship Works
    3. Courses
    4. Compliance & Mandatory Training
      1. CSCS Training
    5. Online Blended Learning
      1. Health & Social Care
      2. Customer Service
      3. Hospitality
      4. Education, Youth and Social Support Sectors
      5. Business & ICT
    6. Our Clients & Case Studies
      1. North Essex NHS appoints Barking & Dagenham College
      2. The Co-operative Food Store, Chingford
      3. Care UK
      4. Castle Point Gas & Heating Ltd
      5. Charter Security
      6. Egg Group Ltd
      7. Fix Auto Dagenham
      8. Jewson
      9. London Bread & Cake Company
      10. Norton Rose LLP
      11. Client Case Study: Sandwood Design & Build Ltd
      12. Sincordia
      13. SPX Rail Systems
      14. Siemens plc
      15. Westminster Homecare Ltd (Havering)
      16. Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC
      17. Elior
      18. Tollgate Medical Centre
      19. Woodford Heating & Energy Ltd
    7. Apprenticeship Levy
    8. Get That Job
    9. Transferring apprenticeship service funds
    10. Industry placements
  7. Advanced Learner Loans
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