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Earn while your learn with an Apprenticeship

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship enables you to start working and earn a wage whilst you learn valuable skills and gain a qualification that future employers look for.

This year we’ve supported over 750 apprentices and have helped employers recruit 219 apprentices in a range of sectors including Construction, Finance, IT and more.  

Why choose an apprenticeship?

Learning on the job allows you to meet new people, become more independent, confident and self-assured. You can:

- Stand out from the crowd! Gain real work experience and specific skills for your future career

- Gain a nationally recognised qualification in your profession

- Begin to develop a network of useful contacts in your industry

- Have the support of a mentor and skilled assessor throughout your apprenticeship.

What happens during your apprenticeship?

Initial assessment

The initial assessment will establish what skills and knowledge you already have. This means you won’t have to repeat something that you’re already good at. It’s also an opportunity to identify and address any additional requirements you might have during your apprenticeship.

Individual learning plan

This is an opportunity for us to set targets for your development together. Once your plan is agreed and signed this is what you will work towards and will be updated throughout your qualification.

Planning and progression

Your Apprenticeship Coordinator will visit you regularly to check your progress. They may plan to support you with further learning, or may carry out a planned assessment.

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We offer apprenticeships from Level 2 to Level 5 in a range of different areas.

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How we can help

You’ll be allocated an Apprenticeship Coordinator to support you throughout your apprenticeship. You’ll have regular progress reviews with them to see how you’re getting on and address any issues you may have with your apprenticeship.

We’re in regular contact with you and your employer, so if there are any issues in the workplace we can help to resolve them.

After your apprenticeship

Although it’s not guaranteed, we have a high success rate of learners progressing on to full-time jobs with the employer they’ve completed their apprenticeship with.

Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, you can:

- Progress onto an advanced or higher level apprenticeship

- Move onto Higher Education. Speak to our Careers Advisors who can discuss UCAS points and entry into Higher Education.

- Look for a role with another company. Our employability team can help with CV building and we have connections with the Job Centre.

Our links with employers

Each year over 350 employers commission us to develop their workforce. In a recent survey, we asked the employers we work with what they thought of our Apprenticeship provision.

- Over 85% of employers said they are likely to recommend Barking & Dagenham College for Apprenticeship Training

- 83% of employers said we understood their business and training needs

- 81% of employers said Barking & Dagenham College offer flexible delivery of apprenticeships

- 86% of employers said we deliver training that is to industry and sector standard

We have a dedicated Employer Engagement team. If you’d like to find out more about how we can support you, please get in contact with us: 020 3667 0333.