You are:

Health Practitioner

Providing, supervising and coordinating high-quality and compassionate health and social care

Healthcare Assistant Practitioner

Are you already employed as an Assistant Practitioner or looking to progress into a senior position in the healthcare sector?

This higher apprenticeship at Level 5 will enable you to provide, supervise and coordinate high-quality and compassionate health and social care for a wide range of people.

What will I learn?

During this apprenticeship you will learn:

- the principles and philosophy of health and social care

- the physiology, organisation and function of the human body

- lifespan developments and healthcare needs from prenatal to end of life/bereavement

- research and development in the health and social care sector to inform and improve quality of care

- provision and promotion of holistic person centred care and support, duty of care and safeguarding of individuals

- the importance of the strategic environment in health and social care and the implications for the individual

- the importance of current evidence based practice within scope of the role


This higher-level apprenticeship at Level 5 will be undertaken over 18-24 months.

What can I do after this apprenticeship?

For those Assistant Practitioners who wish to progress into Registered Practice, the apprenticeship can provide credits into some Higher Education programmes aligned to professional registration.

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