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Augustina Asumang: Access to Nursing & Midwifery


“The best thing about my job is knowing that I have helped someone who really needed me. Being there to comfort people is what makes my job so rewarding,”

says Augustina Asumang, 39, from Barking, who works as a Staff Nurse on an adult surgical ward, having changed career direction through an Access course.

“I moved to Barking area and my family told me about the College and the Access to Nursing & Midwifery course, so I applied and that’s where it all started. I also had to study for my GCSEs in Maths and English, and thankfully I passed those too.

“The Access course was very, very good. The Lecturers were so helpful, and ready to answer any questions we had. After my Access course I studied for the three-year Advanced Diploma in Adult Nursing at London South Bank University, finishing in 2013.

“I’ve been a Staff Nurse for almost 4 years now and have just completed my Mentorship qualification which means I can mentor both students and newly qualified nurses. I was one of the last people to study the Advanced Diploma because now you must have a degree to become a nurse. My Diploma credits would count towards a degree, so I am planning to go back to London South Bank University to get my degree.

Augustina’s advice to anyone thinking about going into nursing is, 

“You must be passionate about the job. It can be hard but it can be so rewarding too.”