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Dyslexia & Other Specific Learning Difficulties

Specialist Teaching and Assessment 

In our last Ofsted report, we were praised for our excellent provision for additional learning support:
“It provides outstanding support for all its students, particularly the vulnerable and those needing significant additional help.”
Furthermore, it identified that,  
“…teachers routinely and regularly share best practice, resulting in students experiencing ‘sparkling learning’ and support. For example, many students benefit from the enhanced dyslexia support put in place as the outcome of a tutor’s Master’s degree supported by management.”
Our students benefit from a small team of Specialist Teachers and Assessors who are:
  • Qualified in teaching students with Specific Learning Difficulties using a multi-sensory approach; 
  • Experienced in teaching study skills strategies to help students overcome barriers to learning and reach their full potential;
  • Qualified in assessing for exam access arrangements and Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs).

Information & Resources to help you

Follow the links below to find more information.

Specialist Tuition

Specialist Tuition is available for students with specific learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Asperger's Syndrome, and ADHD. 


Follow this link to the British Dyslexia Association's website.

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If you think you may be Dyslexic, follow this link to download a PDF of a Dyslexia checklist. When you have completed it, please bring it with you when you come for interview or to enrol. 

Staff in our Learning Resource Centre (D1) can guide you through a computerised Dyslexia screening, after which a Dyslexia Specialist will provide feedback. 


Follow this link to the Dyspraxia Foundation's website.

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If you think you may be Dyspraxic, follow this link to download a PDF of a Dyspraxia checklist. When you have completed it, please bring it with you when you come for interview or to enrol. 

Visual Stress

Visual stress example

You may have Visual Stress if you experience the following symptoms, which do not show up during a standard eye test with an optician:

  • difficulty and/or discomfort in reading, sometimes due to light sensitivity
  • print is blurred from the outset
  • print 'jumps' around the page
  • words join together to form a continuous line of letters

Follow this link for more information about Visual Stress.

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If you think you may have Visual Stress, download a PDF checklist here. When you have completed it, please bring it with you when you come for interview or to enrol.

An assessment can be carried out using a coloured overlay.  

To help combat the symptoms of Visual Stress, tinted glasses can be worn when reading and writing. You will need to use the services of a specialist optometrist, and you may find these links useful in locating a specialist in your area:

Follow this link to the Society for Coloured Lens Prescribers.

Follow this link to the Institute of Optometry.


Here to help

Our Learning Support Team is ready to help you with:

  • Initial assessment and exam support assessment
  • Advice, information and guidance on coping strategies
  • Help communicating your needs to other members of the Barking & Dagenham College team
  • Advice, training and demonstrations for assistive software (such as Natural Reader and Dragon) to aid independent learning
  • Accessing other internal and external services
  • Moving on to Higher Education and employment
  • DSA applications and funding

If you have already declared your learning difficulty/disability, then our team will be in touch. You can also mention any concerns to any course staff member or you can contact us as follows:

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020 3667 0402 or 020 3667 0114

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Email our team via these quick links.

Michelle Ablin 


Kiran Bhangal 

All services are subject to individual need and availability of resources.