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Mathematician Carol Vorderman opens Barking & Dagenham Colleges Gazelle STEM Center

Carol Vorderman MBE launches the only Centre of its kind in London

The Gazelle STEM Centre

A creative space for all age groups

The Gazelle STEM Centre at Barking & Dagenham College is a state-of-the-art, purpose-built creative space for all age groups. It has been designed to showcase the many skills and careers built on science, technology, engineering and maths.

The STEM Centre runs special activity days for College students and local schools showing how STEM skills can be applied in practical situations.

For teachers:

We offer three different activities which are mapped against the revised national curriculum.

Download our factsheets for more information including prices:

World War One Experience Day

Discover how science, technology, engineering and mathematics were used during WW1. Miners would dig tunnels under 'No Man's Land' so that explosives could be placed under enemy positions: by the end of the war there were 25,000 trained tunnellers. Working as a member of a team and with limited resources you will need to design and make the strongest and most efficient tunnel. 

Prepare for Launch Experience Day

More than just a red glowing sphere in a distant night sky, Mars is there to be explored! Rockets, capsules and even robots have been sent on missions to discover critical information that might help humans one day to live there. We need you to join our expert team at the STEM Space Station! Imagine 

Directors Cut Experience Day

You will become a budding film maker as you unlock the science secrets behind film. You will also create short animated movies and be testimony of how science has transformed stop-motion animation production with clever thinking and smart technical tricks.

CSI Experience Day

A murder has been committed. As a trainee Crime Scene Investigator, it’s your role to help solve the case. You and your team will have to find  the clues and use forensic techniques to conduct tests on the evidence gathered at the crime scene. Real-life scientific know-how will help you understand the clues and crack the case.

The Titanic Experience Day

Join our Marine Investigation (MI) Team and explore how 100 years of science helped to create, sail and eventually discover the location of the Titanic. Using Computer Aided Design software, you will recreate parts of the RMS Titanic using design skills that you will discover by taking part in this interactive activity.

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For companies:

Bring your work colleagues to enjoy a company meeting or team building session in this creative space.

For the community:

Please contact us if you are a local community group that meets regularly and would like to have a fun, interactive, team building session led by the STEM team.


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Book your Gazelle STEM Centre day

Click here to book an experience day with us.

Or call 020 3667 0411

Students in Barking & Dagenham College Gazelle STEM Centre

Using the latest technology

Our STEM Centre labs are packed with hi-tech activities and equipment, including an interactive IT suite and 3D cinema.

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Experts on hand

Our STEM team will plan your day with you in advance of your visit. We will facilitate the day, which means teachers can concentrate on exploring the activities and enjoying the day with the class.

Student in Gazelle STEM Centre


All materials provided on the day are included in the price.


Map of the STEM Centre

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Learn more about our STEM Centre following this link.

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