Higher Education

Courses above Level 3 count as Higher Education.

At Barking & Dagenham College we offer HNC, HND, Foundation degree, Honours degree, Masters degree, PGCE and professional qualification courses. We also offer Advanced Apprenticeships at Levels 4 & 5.

Partnerships with awarding bodies and our university partners allow us to award qualifications at HE-level.

Studying HE at college

It’s not necessary to go to a university to study at advanced levels. You can study a course at a college and go on to a successful career… just like this lot!

At Barking & Dagenham College we offer HE study options across a variety of formats. We ensure these courses are career-focused, so you’ll leave fully prepared to build your career. All of our courses have the same regulatory approvals as those you’d find offered by a uni.

And of course we’re committed to providing you with a great student experience!

But there are also a number of benefits to studying HE at college... read about them here.


Tuition fees are generally less expensive if you study HE at college.

Contact our student finance team to understand course-specific study costs and how these might compare with studying elsewhere.

Further information

Our HE policies can be found here. We also provide information about undergraduate accommodation.