Doing a traineeship could give you the skills and experience you need to progress into an apprenticeship, full-time study, or employment.

If you’re aged 16-24, unemployed, not currently studying, and struggling to get your first job, a traineeship could be the perfect option.

Traineeships can last from 6 weeks up to 6 months, and they’re a great way to get real work experience. You spend most of your time in the workplace, and the rest of it in college working on developing the key skills employers look for.

The benefits

Doing a traineeship will improve your work and study prospects. You’ll:

• Get a high-quality work placement and reference to put on your CV
• Have a chance of getting a job with your traineeship employer at the end of your placement
• Learn about the industry you want to work in
• Make new contacts
• Better understand what employers expect
• Build your confidence
• Improve your job search, application and interview skills
• Increase your options for what to do next

What can it lead to?

With a traineeship under your belt, you’ll have more options for what to do next.

One popular choice is to do an apprenticeship, and get paid while you improve your skills and experience and work towards a qualification. Apprenticeships suit people who prefer hands-on learning to classroom study.

There’s the option to head directly into employment after your traineeship. You’ll have made some new contacts, and there may even be an option of a job with your traineeship employer. Even it not, you’ll have gained job search, application and interview skills as well as your workplace experience, so you’ll be all set to look for work.

Finally, you may wish to study further education. We offer a range of suitable courses at Levels 1&2 – and you could progress to study at even higher levels in the future.

Further information

Contact us to discuss traineeships available through the college, or to discuss your options further.