Level 3



35 weeks


Rush Green


Sep 2020


Adult 19+



On this course you'll have access to the Career Ready programme and the knowledge of business mentors.

You'll also be able to do a summer internship, and to apply for a 3-week placement in Prague!

Build your skills and your knowledge in business decision making, retail, creative promotion and pitching ideas!

You'll be assessed via:

  • Practical work
  • Observations
  • Group work
  • Presentations
  • Written assignments
  • An external exam

You'll need to have completed Year 1 of Level 3 Business before starting this course. If you've finished Year 1 at a different college your application will be considered based on the units you've already completed.

The course encourages you to work on a summer internship, and to apply for a 3-week placement in Prague.

Both of these opportunities allow you to make workplace contacts while developing your practical skills.

Complete this course and you can choose to head to university, study a Higher Education programme at Barking & Dagenham College, or seek employment.

Where it can lead to

There are number of routes you can take following successful completion of a course. Further study can include Higher Education courses or a Higher Apprenticeship where you will expand your skills through study whilst earning a wage. Or you may choose to move directly into employment.

Contact our careers team for further guidance.