Level 2

Electrical Installation (2365) 10 Week Fast-Track


1 year
10 weeks


Rush Green


Sep 2021


Adult 19+



This fast-track course gives those aged 19 or over the chance to complete the qualification in only 10 weeks.

You'll have access to the same state-of-the-art workshops and experienced tutors as those doing the longer version of the course.

The units you'll cover include:

  • Health & safety in building services engineering
  • Principles of electrical science
  • Electrical installations technology
  • Installation of wiring systems and enclosures
  • Communication with others in building services engineering

There's an emphasis on Health & Safety and correct working methods across the course.

Assessment will be via a combination of:

  • Written tests
  • Online multiple-choice exams
  • Practical tests relating to fault diagnosis
  • Testing on simulated installations

You'll be studying for 3 days per week, and moving through the units at a fast pace!

Entry is by interview and establishing an acceptable level of English and Maths either by student evidence or undertaking a diagnostic test.

We'll also need a satisfactory reference.

Enthusiasm and a keenness to learn are important - we'll be looking for these at your interview. (You may be asked to complete an initial assessment too.)

The course will be delivered by lecturing staff possessing a wide range of industry skills and expertise.

Following the successful completion of this course you could move on to the City & Guilds 2365 qualification at Level 3. We also offer as a 21-week option.

Where it can lead to

There are number of routes you can take following successful completion of a course. Further study can include Higher Education courses or a Higher Apprenticeship where you will expand your skills through study whilst earning a wage. Or you may choose to move directly into employment.

Contact our careers team for further guidance.