Hair Professional


15 months


Rush Green


Flexible dates


Adult 19+



Whether you want to be a barber or a hairdresser, this advanced apprenticeship will develop your skills, knowledge and competence in hair-cutting, styling and grooming.

Hairdressers are required to shampoo and condition hair, cut hair using a range of techniques, style and finish hair to create specific looks, and colour and lighten hair - all for both men and women.

Barbers need to be able to shampoo and condition, cut hair using recognised barbering techniques, style and finish hair, and provide grooming services such as cutting and shaping facial hair - but solely for men.

This programme will help you learn how to provide a quality service, work to the highest standards, and continually develop your personal and professional skills.

Each employer will determine their own requirements for joining as a Level 3 apprentice.

It is likely that you will need a related professional qualification.

If you haven't got English & Maths Level 2, you'll need to study Functional Skills alongside your apprenticeship, and before taking your end-point assessment.

Following the completion of your programme, you could look for employment as a Creative or Advanced Stylist, a Senior Hair Professional or a Specialist Technician.

You could work in a bespoke salon, the media industry, on a cruise ship or in-house for product manufacturers!

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There are number of routes you can take following successful completion of a course. Further study can include Higher Education courses or a Higher Apprenticeship where you will expand your skills through study whilst earning a wage. Or you may choose to move directly into employment.

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