Level 3

Software Development Technician


18 months


Rush Green


Flexible dates


Adult 19+


Digital & IT

A Software Development Technician typically works as part of a software development team, building simple software components (whether web, mobile or desktop applications) to be used by other members of the team as part of larger software development projects.

Modules will include:

  • Logic: including simple code for discrete software components
  • Security: apply appropriate secure development principles to specific software components
  • Development support: apply industry standard approaches for configuration management and version control to manage code during build and release
  • Data: make simple connections between code and defined data sources, and test functionally
  • Analysis: follow basic analysis models such as use case and process maps
  • Understand the business context and market environment for software development
  • Understand the importance of building in security to software at the development stage

To achieve the apprenticeship standard all components must be completed, including Functional skills at the required level if the apprentice doesn’t have exemptions. All apprenticeship standards include an end point assessment which is required to complete the standard.

  • You may wish to set your own minimum entry requirements, but it would be expected that Apprentices have completed A Levels or a level 3 Apprenticeship prior to commencing this programme. Including an aptitude test with a focus on IT skills.
  • Working a minimum of 30 hours per week
  • Working in a Software development environment, working closely with developers.

Upon successful completion of the Software Development Technician programme learners can choose to follow a level 4 Software Developer or Tester Apprenticeship to continue their development.

This apprenticeship is recognised for entry onto the BCS Register of IT Technicians.

Complete the programme and you'll be eligible to apply for registration.

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