Step 2 Programme

Step 2....Your Future Career

Who is this for?

If you’re 16-18 and have decided that A levels or your current college course aren’t right for you... don’t wait until September 2021 to get started again!

If you’re over 18, it’s never too late to stop learning! If you’re looking to get back into the workplace, to develop your skills to take the next step up the career ladder, or are thinking about a change in career entirely, Step 2 can help you decide on what comes next.

What is Step 2?

Step 2 is a 6 week, 3 days a week course that will help to develop your personal skills and confidence. Through a comprehensive mix of teamwork, personal development, employability skills and careers goal setting our dedicated Step 2 team will help you to find the best ways of achieving your goals and aspirations.

Step 2 will offer pragmatic help and guidance, challenge you to be the best you can be and to strive to meet your targets. We will work alongside you to help you develop the right skills, and opportunities across all our subject areas will be opened to you.

Financial Support

Our Student Financial Support Team can give you advice on the wide range of financial support available. If you need help meeting the cost of books, travel, equipment, and childcare then the College’s Discretionary Bursary Fund could help.

Call us on 020 3667 0050 or email

You'll also benefit from access to:

  • Student Support Advisors - trained motivators and will help you get back on track if you are struggling on your course.
  • Enrichment activities beyond your course, including football, basketball, table tennis, and much more. Enjoy the fun side of college with friends and integrate yourself into the BDC community.
  • Industry placements with an external provider for 45 days, or a 2 to 3-week work placement in Europe through Erasmus+
  • Counsellors and on-site specialists that are available to assist you with any personal problems that you may encounter.
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