Support for learners with EHCPs (Coronavirus Update)

In line with Government advice we are providing vulnerable learners with a limited provision.

For the next two weeks the College will open for vulnerable groups on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 09.30am to 3.30pm, all learners will be provided with free breakfast and hot lunch.

If your young person is normally provided with transport, you will need to contact your Local Authority directly to organise transport arrangements.

The following learners fit into the category of vulnerable groups:

Learners with an EHC: learners in receipt of an Education, Health and Care Plan who are aged 14-25 years.

LAC Learners: learners that are Looked After Children aged 14-18, including learners that are supported by Social Care.

Safeguarding and Welfare needs: including learners with child in need plans and/or child protection plans.

Learners with parents that are classed as Key Workers: learners that are over the age of 13 who are unable to care for themselves at home.

*Please not that the limited provision is for the above vulnerable groups that are not able to be cared for by their parents and/or carers, therefore if it is at all possible for children and adults to stay at home, they should do so.'